There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for developing the world’s top talent. That’s why we’ve adopted a best-fit-for-you mentality at P&G. As a “build-from-within” organization, the majority of our people start at an entry level and then progress throughout the company – each in their own unique way. That’s because when we make a job offer, it’s with the expectation that you will grow into one of our future leaders. And we know it takes a lot of different types of people to grow a business that touches every corner of the globe.

You won’t find any rotational programs or gradual onboarding here. But you will have the chance to jump right in and start making an impact from day one. You’ll push yourself to take smart risks, learn from the experts and find plenty of ways to master your skills each day.

Our training philosophy
P&G is a place where every employee can learn and grow through experiences, feedback and engaging in the right training, at the right time. So, how do we continue to challenge our people and build their careers? With projects or assignments that push them to expand their ideas. Through relationships, networking and mentoring. And with formal training such as functional courses or P&G Leadership Academy courses. We are committed to individual development planning in a very personalized way that enables you to grow yourself, so you can grow your business. When individuals perform at their peak, everyone wins.


What I learned from my mentors at P&G...

  • cat
    • Cat - Application Manager, Information & Technology Department 

      I learned that being successful in P&G isn’t just about being a great worker, but also about being a great person. My mentors in P&G always take the time to ensure I am able to balance my work with living healthy, staying motivated, and not burning out. They encourage me to be in my best condition because they know it’s the only way I can continue to produce the best results.

  • earl

    Earl - Business Account Manager, Human Resources Department 

    The most important lesson I’ve learned from my P&G mentors is to put my heart into what I do. I have been trusted with a lot of exposure to complex challenges, and the experiences have led me to discover how passion is contagious among the people I work with. Our brands and products are able to touch and improve billions of lives everyday, because each employee is dedicated to make it happen. My P&G mentors have enabled me to see first-hand that this genuine concern to make a positive difference for the world can only emanate from the heart.

  • Ralph

    Ralph - Key Account Manager, Sales Department 

    Being a company for leaders, P&G employees are given big roles as soon as they enter the company. I learned early on the value of accountability. As my mentors always say, I should act like a business owner and always have full control of all the gears running this machine. Being accountable for my own business, I am empowered to make decisions to drive growth for the section that I lead.

  • miguel
    Miguel - Associate Manager, Finance & Accounting Department 

    The lesson that really stuck with me in P&G is the concept of channeling your energy into things that are within your “Circle of Influence”. By focusing my attention on what I can control, I was able to work on goals that allowed me to become more effective in my role.

  • diana

    Diana - Process Engineer, Product Supply Department 

    I learned from my mentors here in P&G to always speak up when I have a thought in mind. Whether in a meeting in which I have input, a brainstorming session in which I have an insight, a review in which I have a feedback, or a Lunch & Learn in which I have a question—I should let my voice be heard. P&G hired me because it has full confidence that I can bring value to the organization with my knowledge and talent, and I feel a responsibility to fulfill that!