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Information Technology

Information is our unique asset. Decisions are what we enable. And solutions are what we deliver for P&G’s global businesses. Our IT professionals are shaping the way we work at P&G and pushing innovation for the entire IT industry. From analytics to project management to business transformation and more, as a leader in IT, you will partner with multifunctional teams and strategic suppliers to deliver best-in-class solutions and services. And, on average, our professionals change roles every three to four years. You’ll find exposure to a wide range of positions and constantly be able to challenge and grow your career. We think it’s a great way to dive a little deeper into finding the perfect focus areas.

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IT Roles

Innovation Managers
Innovation Managers bring together what is possible with what is needed by sensing new possibilities and envisioning new realities to generate business value. They lead the implementation of the most promising concepts to launch in partnership with Business Units and Service Lines.

Client Leadership
Client managers are the face of GBS for their clients. They are accountable for the success of GBS projects, identify opportunities for business transformation, and set the GBS strategy for their client. Client managers support all parts of the P&G business – from our marketing and sales department, to HR, to our plants and distribution centers and so much more.

Business Analysts
Business analysts drive decision-making and transform how P&G operates by influencing the strategic decisions of General Management and embedding analytics into core work. Most business analysts are advisors to P&G’s senior leadership, keeping them abreast of current market & competitive dynamics.

Application Managers
Application Management is the combination of business management and software engineering. At P&G, this is made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements of engineering, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.

Project Delivery Managers
Within P&G we have program managers, project managers, and process transformation managers that all fall under project delivery. Program and project managers are accountable for the overall success of a program or project. Project managers work closely with the business partners and technical resources to manage the scope, planning and execution of a project. A process transformation manager is very knowledgeable about an area of the business, and assists the project manager by owning business process transformation. 

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